Wanting to sale my saltwater set up. This is my first set up. Iv recently went up a few more gallons and got a new stuff. Includes 8 nice size live rocks. All dried out tho. Red Sea prizm protein skimmer. 50 gallon fluvel aqua clear filter. With no filter pads. 20 gallon tank. Bought last year. Took down a few months ago. And a Chinese led light box. Will grow Corel but the white side no longer...
I have two kessil a350. Only a year old. If you know saltwater you know that these are pretty great lights. Grow coral flawlessly. Asking 250each. Or if you buy both I ll let them go for 400. My lose your gain. Nothing wrong with them I just down graded tanks so I have no need for something this big.
Fluvel filter. 70 gallon. Really great filter. Iv only had it for 6 months. I had it on a saltwater tank and finally upgraded to a sump. Just needs to be cleaned.