2 canister filter. 1- cascade 100 1-sun sun HW-302 Rinsed our but need to be cleaned. Cascade has used media in it. I personally would replace. Sunsun has no media in it. Both do not have hoses. I custom made all min out of hard line PVC. You can order the kit or buy hose from Any hardware store. Both were working when I took down the 100 gallon. Price is for both!!
Brand new in the box just in time for Christmas..clean water in and dirty water out...ages 8 & up
3 10 gallon tanks with light lid and pumps (not sure if pumps still wk) I also have a 15 gallon All 10 gallons had fish, they died. 15 gallon had a frog. He died. Moved out in storage. Wish we could keep but don't have time to maintain. Haven't even got around to cleaning them but did remove fish. All need cleaning. Pm for pick up.
Fluvel filter. 70 gallon. Really great filter. Iv only had it for 6 months. I had it on a saltwater tank and finally upgraded to a sump. Just needs to be cleaned.
Looking for a fish tank/reptile tank for cheap or free. 10 or 15 gallon! Show me what you got need it ASAP.